Solar Panels at Near Howe

At Near Howe the environment is really important to us. Therefore, we’re looking at installing solar panels to generate our own electricity and become more sustainable.

We’re looking for a company to supply and fit three Solar PV systems, one to each of our three single-storey cottages.

The Solar PV systems should include batteries to store any electricity. There is a three-phase electricity supply into the main farmhouse property and each cottage has a connection to this.

If you’re interested in the work, please send a written quote by the 13th December to [email protected]. The quote should include:

– details of the Solar PV system to be installed
– relevant company experience
– the cost of the work (to include the supply of all materials as well as installation)
– timescales

If you need to visit the site to provide a quote, do get in touch with us. The successful company will be one who provides a cost-effective solution/ installation as well as demonstrating relevant experience.